Tommy Denander
A detailed sketch about Tommy Denander

Tommy Denander who was born in Stockholm, Sweden has worked with the many famous artists such as Michael Jackson, Paul Stanley and Alice Cooper etc. At the age of 12, he initially started doing the small guitar sessions in the four-track home studios. At the age of 14, he joined his first professional band, which is known to be ATC. However, the band managed to get signed to the Polygram Vertigo. Mainly Tommy recorded is first most album named to be the “Cut in Ice” along with the band. The album was praised all over the world especially in the Swedish media and also at the same time captured the interest of media and fans globally especially Europe, USA, and Japan.

In almost all the reviews and articles he was praised for his amazing guitar work.   Later on there an issue rose, as there was focus only on the Tommy within the band. Literally his goal was not the pop star, he got to involve the interesting world of the studio sessions and that was the time the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album came into effect known to be “Beat It: where Tommy was often hired to enhance the Van Halen type solos to the list of the pop albums.

In the year 1987, a chance rose to move on to the place known to be Los Angeles in a quicker manner and that was the time Tommy jumped correctly Develop Uber for X App on the chance. He had a special interest in the LA and quickly earned his fame among the bigger producers, songwriters and the musicians. He used to exclaim that was the best five years of his life the best moments, which he spent in the Los Angeles.

In the year 1991, Tommy signed an agreement with Sony and recorded the first radioactive album with the Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, and Steve Porcaro including the David Paich from Toto one of the member of his backing band. On the side of the flip, he was upset with the Sony’s plans for the concerned album where he bought the masters back from them. During that crucial period, he managed to get a gigantic list of the legendary guests in order to appear on it before it was released in the year 2001. There were several names such as David Foster, Bobby Kimball, Dean Parks, Vince DiCola and their album was a huge success and also charted in several countries. After a huge riot and several changes done to the whole music climate in the year 1992; Tommy had an idea to move back to Sweden again. He also bought his first professional studio along with the integrated session work, touring and also running for the studio for several years.

It took some years to earn a good fame and after a long period as a professional musician, he has appeared on more than two thousand eight hundred albums, countless signals including many amazing movies such as Gorillas In. The movie named “Mist with Sigourney Weaver” was nominated for about five Oscars and also won Zoplay uber application about two Golden Globes. In the Wonderland along with Jonny Depp, Christopher Lee earned over one billion dollars and won over two Oscars and many other awards, the soundtrack album was a number 1 on the Billboard in the USA.

Tommy has also appeared on the albums and also recordings with Michael Jackson, Paul Stanley, and Alice Cooper etc. The albums and the singles have been awarded close to more gold or the platinum awards plus one Diamond ward for the great Ricky Martin. He is a great bandleader for the original Toto singer Bobby Kimball and also runs his own project legends of Rock featuring many classic singers globally like Bobby Kimball, Joe Lynn Turner etc.

Tommy is head of A&R and also handles the international affairs for the popular Swedish company X-level that owns the oldest and the biggest recording studio in Sweden. Globally as his workplace and there were no limits to work in most of the styles of music as a musician, songwriter or the producer Tommy and also became a unique work in the field of the music business.



Tommy’s views

Tommy exclaimed that at the initial stage Tommy had a tough time in many ways and first he was happy as the eighty’s were over and the music felt were so depressing with all of the grunge and it took a hard time to run a studio and make money.  It took about eighteen hours a day; seven days a week and it almost killed him. He made a deal with the Stockholm city and they paid local bands for about four hundred and fifty dollars to be spent for making an EP in his studio. The bad economy and a few things in his life led to Tommy hitting the wall in the year 1993 and it ended up ill for ten years long. He exclaimed that it forced him to look really hard in the life but his work grew up in so many ways, which can be hard when getting into the show business at a younger age, and he would not have become a successful person if he had crossed that tough ten years. During the critical days, when he was sick he recorded a list of albums.