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A Guide To Using Video In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Use Video as an IM Tool

Internet marketing videos can be a powerful marketing tool for online businesses. Through sound and imagery, you can connect with your audience on an emotional level. However, it’s important to make videos your customers will actually want to watch. Below are some tips on how to get your videos in front of the right viewers.

Use a Video in Welcome Emails

Email marketing is a cost-effective option, especially when you compare it to other IM types. Emails with videos have an almost 97% higher click-through rate than emails without video, according to GetResponse. Most videos are too large to send through an email, but you can embed a link into a screenshot.  If you’re struggling to create video, I personally use the best article to video software to transform my blog posts content into interactive videos automatically with Vidnami. I love the software because it’s so easy to use and allows me to re-use my content to create videos without video creation experience.

Offer Social Proof Through Testimonials

It’s easy to say how good your services and products are, but it’s more meaningful to have customer endorsements. Internet Marketing Video Training is a great form of social proof; if you’re selling products online, people are likely searching for what you’re selling. There’s a tremendous SEO opportunity here, and you can also use testimonials in sales speeches and presentations.

Use Solid SEO Strategies

Internet marketing videos can be an invaluable SEO tool, but optimizing a video and putting it on your site isn’t enough. Beyond optimization of tags, title and description, video SEO goes further with the use of sitemaps to make it easier for search engines to find your content. Use a sitemap creator to do this, and watch your click-through rate soar. This works very well when doing affiliate marketing. You could create an unbiased review video and use SEO strategies to get it ranked and rake in affiliate profits. You can learn more about using these strategies by enrolling in one of the best affiliate marketing course for beginners and following what you’ve learned  into your business. This main trick is to help people solve their problems by providing solutions in form of products that you are an affiliate of. A great tactic for making affiliate profits is using bonus products from the best PLR membership and offering it as a gift to people buying affiliate products through your links. It can help increase your conversions.

Offer Video Tutorials

People like to learn new things, and Internet Marketing Tutorial Videos can be used to show buyers how to use your product. Get tutorial ideas with a keyword tool, or think of questions your customers frequently ask.

Use Video Remarketing Through AdWords

If you use AdWords, you can show videos to previous site visitors the next time they visit YouTube, through remarketing. If you’re going to be using Google Adwords to get traffic, you need to be converting that traffic into loyal subscribers. To do this you’ll need to be offering them something they really need or want in form of digital products and offering it as an ethical bribe to join your email list. You’ll need to have an autoresponders for affiliates in place with autoresponder emails that build a relationship with your list on autopilot and send them regular free content you know they’ll love. This way they’ll be excited for your emails and keep opening them. To get premium content you can give away for free, find plr planners that allow you to use it to build your list. This way you’re able to get ready made content without needing to spend high costs on hiring expensive writers or writing it yourself. But always do your research and read plr me reviews before making a final buying decision.

Use Video Ads on Facebook Feeds

On YouTube, video ads usually appear before the target video starts playing—and a similar feature may be making its way to Facebook feeds. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would start playing 15-second ads in news feeds, but the company is being cautious with the software release to ensure that video load times are fast. If you need videos you can use for this, download some from free plr content sites and download ready-made videos that you can post to your Facebook feeds.  Using sales funnels plr is a massive shortcut for getting high quality content for your video ads, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run without the need of hiring expensive copywriters.

Videos are a great way to reach your target audience, especially in today’s culture of instant gratification. If you follow the tips above, and invest in premium video software from sites that offer the best lifetime deals, you can reap the rewards of video internet marketing, while reaching your customers and providing relevant information.